First Version

MyJQuery v.01 (5 June 2008)
The first version 0.1 has been posted up and is now ready for download.

Introducing MyJQuery

MyJQuery is an operating system independent database utility written entirely in Java, for beginners MySQL 5.1+ Database & students.

( Try it now easily with Java Web Start )

Using the power provided by Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), MyJQuery provides the means by which to manipulate almost MySQL database from simple queries to any sql object creation and export data to CSV, HTML, XML and generate Perl,PHP,Java code snippet of an entire schema's data. See Features for a list of some of the available tools.

Java v1.5.0 (min) is recommended. If you do not have the required Java version please go to Sun's Java website.

This software was developed using the NetBeans and Eclipse Java IDEs and jEdit on a Windows XP system.

MyJQuery is very much a work in progress and is continually being extended and refined with new features and tools. Interests of contribution are welcome.

MyJQuery is available completely free of charge and will remain so under the GNU Public License.


Thanks also to the many feature requests, bug reports and comments from all those who take the time to submit them. Your remarks have been invaluable and help make MyJQuery a better and more usable application.